I’m a Buyer

Our auctions are open to the general public, making them available to live bidders locally and online bidders across the globe.

Auction Empire is family friendly! Our unique facility allows bidders the freedom to take advantage of our auction arena or bid in a more “traditional” manner, out on the arena floor next to the assets as they sell. For safety reasons, children under the age of 13 are not permitted on the warehouse floor; however, with adult supervision they are welcomed in other parts of our facility.

Live Bidders

Registration: If you wish to bid in person, you must register for that auction. Registration can be done prior to the event at regularly scheduled times, or on the day of the auction either before it starts or even while it is in progress.

Deposit: The majority of our auctions require a $200.00 cash or cash equivalent deposit unless specifically stated otherwise. If you are a winning bidder, you may choose to have that amount applied towards your winning bid totals.

It’s that simple… on the day of the auction you will receive a bid card with your bidder number on it and it’s time to go out and have fun!

Online Bidders

Auction Empire proudly partners with Proxibid to fulfill all your online auction needs. Proxibid is the World’s #1 provider of live webcast auctions. Proxibid provides real-time webcast and timed online auction bidding services, so you will never have to miss one of Auction Empire’s auctions again! To get started, Create an Account now or review Proxibid’s Get Started pages to learn more.

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