Axcess Recovery USA specializes in the Asset Recovery business, along with our sister company Auction Empire, which caters to the reconditioning and remarketing of all types of collateral. Axcess Recovery and Auction Empire have teamed up as a one-stop seamless entity, to make it a viable and smooth transition for all of the financial loss mitigation institutes under their umbrella. We, as a well-developed team, are seeking new opportunities with any and all potential financial companies looking for a change.

Why work with us?

  • Finance companies no longer have to deal with transport fee schedules
  • Once collateral is recovered, the unit is transported (NO FEE) to our auction and put on a 10-day hold and/or redeemed
  • Our direct contracts with financial institutions gives us more flexibility on our sales platform
  • Our Software keeps the recovery, reconditioning, remarketing departments and financial companies in constant contact with the whereabouts and status of units in question